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Payroll Based Journal For Healthcare

These CMS Reporting Requirements are

 Facilities are required to collect and submit staffing information for all direct care workers, including contract workers:

  • Employee ID Facilities must assign each employee a unique ID in PBJ.

  • Hire Date The first date the employee starts work and will be paid for services delivered.

  • Termination Date If applicable, the last date the employee worked and was paid for services delivered.

Download  the white paper Payroll- Based Journal (PBJ)  Reporting for Long- Term Care Facilities: Understanding Requirements

  • Pay Type Direct employee (exempt or non-exempt) or contract staff. CMS defines contract staff as individuals working under contract and those working at the facility through a staffing agency.

  • Hours Worked (not scheduled) Number of hours worked by the employee each day of the quarter. If an employee works more than one job at the facility, daily hours need to be separated out according to the services performed.

  • Job Title and CMS Labor Category Code Employee’s job title(s) and services performed according to the list of CMS-defined job codes and descriptions.

  • Calendar Day Midnight-to-Midnight tracking automatically without changing the way your employee time cards or reports display time.