​attendance solutions

Manager Mobile for Apple IOS

Employee Self Service App

Employees Can:

  • Adding a missing punch
  • Replying to a message
  • Acknowledging/addressing an exception
  • Addressing/dismissing an employee call-in notification
  • Approving an employee-added punch


ESS Mobile and Manager Mobile Apps

ESS Mobile Is adaptive to Different Groups of Employees with Different needs in tracking their time

  • Punch In/Out
  • Record GPS location of punches and transfers

  • Enter hours through a daily worksheet
  • Receive alerts for missing punch, unapproved time card, and pending messages

  • Request leave for partial day, full day, or multiple days 

  • Leave a message to supervisor


  • punches
  • schedules
  • worked hours
  • benefit balances
  • leave requests
  • transfer from one workgroup to another

Manager Mobile for Android

Manager Mobile App

Attendance on Demand is a service customized for your organization.  Attendance on Demand delivers more…

  • Comprehensive Labor Management   –  Attendance on Demand provides scheduling, time and wage calculation, time card editing and approval, labor coverage and budgeting, leave management, attendance points systems, and time clocks that are easy to use and affordable. You pay only for what you use each month.

  • Lowering Labor Costs   –  Attendance on Demand studies workplaces closely to understand your employees’ jobs, your industry’s critical concerns, and the labor laws and business pressures that impact your bottom line.

  • Dedicated Programmers, Technicians, Support and Training Staff   –  Our experienced programmers and technicians use their industry specific expertise to make your implementation a success. Personalized one-on-one training allows you to quickly get up and running

Timeclock app for employees on the move! 

Real Time Notifications From Employees

Hosted Time & Attendance

Time Management App for Supervisors

Approve/Deny/Change Time Off Requests